Captain Carrie Newell

Founder and  Professor of Marine Biology.

Carrie has been teaching at colleges for over 30 years and loves sharing her knowledge of marine biology and all of nature! She has four degrees ranging from Invertebrate Zoology to Biological Oceanography. Her last degree was from OSU. She has worked with gray whales and other marine mammals for over 25 years. Carrie discovered what the gray whales were eating off Depoe Bay and because of this discovery, her research was filmed by the Cousteau group and Oregon Field Guide. The name of the show is “Gray Whale Obstacle Course.” She has also discovered numerous other aspects about the summer resident gray whales including their sexes, ages, number of calves, body condition, unique feeding behaviors, and which ones have been attacked by orcas. She has written a half dozen books including a Marine Biology text book, book on Summer Resident Gray Whales, Book on Whales, Dolphins and Porpoises, book on Seals, Sea Lions and Sea Otters, Seabirds and Shorebirds and others.


Carrie has a 50 Ton Master’s Captain’s License with over 25 years on our rough Northwest Pacific Ocean waters.

Captain AL


100 Ton Master  Captain of 32 years   Marine Mammal Biologist


Marine Mammal Naturalist Certificate, University of Hawaii, Maui


FAA Licensed UAV Pilot    FAA Licensed A&P Mechanic


PADI retired Scuba Instructor.   Administrator of Oregon Whale Watching


USAF Veteran

Captain Joe


6 Pak Ocean Captain     PADI  Dive Master


 Marine Mammal Naturalist.    Owner South Beach Scuba

She does it all !


Manager / Daily Trip Coordinator

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