When to see whales:

1) From the end of December to the beginning of February we have whales migrating from Alaska to Baja California, Mexico. These whales are 2-5 miles offshore and just cruise past. The problem with these whales is that there are few times when the ocean is flat enough to get the boat out and see these whales,

2) From mid March to the end of May we have gray whales migrating from Mexico to Alaska. These whales are closer usually 1-3 miles offshore and moms and calves are right next to shore to avoid predation by killer whales. The ocean tends to be better than in the winter and we can usually get out most of the week.

3) From mid May throughout the rest of the summer, we have our summer resident gray whales . These whales do not make the trip to Alaska and make the northwest coast their northern feeding area when they come from Mexico. These are the best gray whales to see since they are right next to shore feeding (within 1/2 mile) and they stay off the Oregon coast for months at a time. The ocean is usually good and we get out almost every day. I have worked with these whales for over 25 years and  I have written books on them. We have named theses whales since the same whales come back every summer. BEST WHALES and best time to GO!!!

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