Day with a Marine Biologist! Meet our resident Marine Biologist, Carrie Newell, at the Whale, Sea Life and Shark Museum for an educational endeavor. One day a month, February-June, students will learn about ocean life from Sea Stars and other Tidepool creatures to Sea Birds, Seals, Sea Lions and Whales first in the museum and then on a field trip. This class will be offered once each month during one of the lower tides from February through June. Space is limited and cost is $55.00.

In this class I will teach you all about marine life especially tidepool organisms. The first part of the class will be in the museum followed by application of this knowledge with a field trip to the tidepools. Low tides vary times daily and I chose the best low tides that coincides with times that would work with varying work schedules. The lowest low tides are in late spring and early summer. I would love to share my marine biology knowledge with you! I have been teaching marine biology for over 25 years at various colleges. The class will be for all ages from young children to retired folks.


Thursday March 28th Class 2pm-7pm with low tide at 5:01pm at -0.5

Sunday April 15th Class 2:00-7:00pm with low tide at 6:40pm at -0.9

Saturday May 19th Class 7:00am-12:00 with low tide 10:04am at -1.10

Sunday June 17th Class 6:00am-11:00am with low tide at 9:48am at -2.2

Call Today to Book a Trip: 541-912-6734

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