Have you ever had the dream of becoming a Marine Biologist? Have you ever marveled at nature programs and wondered what it would be like to be one of those researchers? Well, here is your chance! Join gray whale researcher and marine biologist Carrie Newell and her  TEAM of Marine Mammal Naturalist Captains as she takes you into the realm of the gray whale.


Our regular daily  1 1/2 Hour Trip . . . . . $45.00/person

$35.00 for children 12 and under

 2 hour trips are special request booking only. Please call for further information.


2 Hour Trip . . . . . $55.00/person

Children 12 and under 45.00/person

Call Today to Book a Trip: 541-912-6734

Daily trips are planned according to ocean conditions. We do not go out in rough seas, the calmer the better.

 Daily departures are scheduled at  -  10am - 12pm - 2pm -  4pm

Check list before your trip, 1. You will get a text early in the morning the day of the trip to let you know if the trip is a GO or not. (Carrie would like to confirm ocean conditions with you.) 2. Dress in layers including warm jackets, hats and gloves. 3. Please check in at the Museum 1/2 hour prior to your scheduled departure time.  


We want to give you an adventure without sacrificing comfort! At left, top of the line captain seats for the ultimate in comfort. At bottom, five of our guests are modeling the coats we provide for your trip. We also provide, blankets, hats, gloves and rain gear. While these are summer time trips the temperatures out on the ocean can be quite chilly, please dress warmly.

Trips will run throughout the year but the best times are June-September when our summer resident gray whales return to feast on our nearshore mysid swarms.  December-February is when they migrate southward from Alaska and March-May is when we see northward migrating gray whales on their way from winter calving grounds in Mexico to Alaskan summer feeding grounds.  In the summer there's a high probability that we will be seeing a whale within 5 minutes! "These returning residents recognize my boat and many times approach us within a few feet!" You will experience a whale watching trip like no other! Carrie will give you an educational talk at the beginning of each trip and show you whale models, baleen, whale lice, whale barnacles and her book of these local whales. On the ocean guests will have the opportunity to photograph and identify individual gray whales.

This is a true learning experience as Carrie and her TEAM instills new knowledge and an appreciation, not only for whales, but all marine life. You will KNOW individual gray whales, sea lions, seals, seabirds and MORE!!!!

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