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MARCH 18th

Saturday morning started a little slow but as we ventured farther offshore a group of 50-100 white sided dolphins were spotted feeding on a herring bait ball. That's not a very common sighting for us, quite exciting. Sunday we saw upwards of 10 gray whales on northward migration. The season is shaping up, but ocean conditions are still being evaluated daily. Dont forget to call the morning of or the evening before to check with us on the status of the ocean conditions.


After spending a week in Baja with the whales Carrie and crew will reopen the Museum March 1st. Gray Whale migration is starting to turn around from southward to northward. We should be in full northward migration by mid-march. May and June will see mothers and calfs heading north along the shore. Last year late May is when "Comet" was our first resident to return spotted by us in Boiler Bay. We look forward to another great season of whale watching which will include our new boat, the Comet, named after one of our favorite whales.We also will launch our new Crab & Sightseeing trip this spring.

NEW Museum Memberships

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Membership benefits include unlimited admittance, 10% off gift shop, $5 off one whale watching trip.

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Please call the morning of the trip to check on ocean conditions.

Also bear with us sometimes as we adjust our trip departures to better reflect the whale watch trips as we strive to be in sync with the dynamic ocean conditions and whale movements. When we have the Orca's passing by we will try to early depart the trips for viewing as these beautiful mammals are only passing by briefly and not as often as we would like. Thank you for your patience.


Call Today to Book a Trip: 541-912-6734

Please check out my Daily trips page for tips on having a pleasurable experience NOAA ocean report

Depoe Bay Ocean Cam

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

We now have in place a 24-hour cancellation policy which means that if you cancel within 24 hours of your trip, we will charge the whole amount of your trip to your credit card. We had to institute this policy since our boats are limited to 6 people and if 3 people are no shows then that means half our boat is empty and we do not have sufficient time to rebook. Captains are paid per person.


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Daily trips are planned according to ocean conditions. We do not go out in rough seas, the calmer the better.

Call a couple of days in advance for an ocean report. Depoe Bay Ocean Cam

Daily departures are scheduled at 8am - 10am - 12pm - 2pm - 4pm

Call Today to Book a Trip: 541-912-6734

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